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Michael 6 years ago
I would love to swap my teen daughter any takers
Fatality 6 years ago
Her moans could be the sound effect for woman getting punched in 1990s mortal Kombat games
Wendy 6 years ago
I have fucked 2 of my dad's friends. He doesn't know. He would die if he knew.
Nena wild 5 years ago
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rwc 5 years ago
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Tboner 6 years ago
She's a long legged sexy blonde with a yummy looking pussy and ass. I'd eat that and slowly deeply fuck that. She reminds me of a dancer I know named Shelby, they could be sisters. Hey Michael, what's the story on your daughter? I have one too...
1 year ago
These comments lmao!
Long dick 6 years ago
She need to work on her dick sucking
Furious Dad 6 years ago
Wendy, you are so fucking grounded when I get home from this trip.
I- no 2 years ago
Her moans sound like she be the next person to be on doctor Phil asking to fix her moaning, her pussy looks wrinkled like ew, her legs look like lobster legs, her ass looks like just bones, her face omg it looks like a 40 year old woman selling drugs and having sex to get money for her car insurance.